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Please review our office information below for services, office policies, and payment options. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Office Policies

Thank you for choosing us to help with your dental health needs.
Our Philosophy
Our office is dedicated to mutual understanding and open communication in order to provide you with the most effective treatment in a comfortable atmosphere.
Mutual Goals
To attend to your dental needs, answer any concerns you may have and increase your general awareness of good dental care.
First Time Appointment
The first appointment will consist of an initial examination and x-rays, after which, we will discuss what treatment you need and schedule your next visit. We do require an additional x-ray called a panoral which must be scheduled outside of our office as we do not have the equipment necessary for this x-ray.
Appointment Time
Although we want patient’s to be on time and prepared for their appointments, we also realize this is not always possible. Accordingly, we request a 24 hour notice for appointments that need to be canceled. Broken appointments without a 24 hour notice will result in a $25.00 charge.
Nitrous Oxide Gas
Nitrous oxide gas is available at your request for an additional charge.
Fees and Payment Policy
Payment is due at time of service. We will assist you with your insurance or managed care but ultimately you are responsible for your account balance. We offer financing, accept all major credit cards, personal checks, and cash.
Other Policies
There is a $15.00 fee for requesting duplicate x-rays from our office and a $25.00 processing fee charged for all returned checks. Please feel free to discuss any questions you have regarding our office policies.


When you are really focused on prevention and health centered care, you know you can’t always depend on health insurance to meet your care. A lot of insurance companies only pay for care as critical treatment needs arise and don't look for the long-lasting and aesthetic solutions. Because these things are so important in our team, we don’t allow insurance to dictate treatment or care of our patients. Your long-term oral health and well-being is our major concern and too important to us to compromise just because an insurance company tells us to. But don’t let this dissuade you from doing the best for your smile and your health. After all, this is an investment in your health, self-esteem, confidence and happiness. Dr. Hernandez and her team are extremely sensitive to your budget, and has a variety of payment plans and options to help finance the dentistry you need and deserve at a cost you can afford. We have a low interest and interest-free financing option with payment plans that can range from six months up to five years. We take all major credit cards and offer a discount for pre-paid services. Whatever you choose, we are here to help. Our Treatment Coordinator would be glad to sit down with you and go over all of your options. Our team strives and believes that true health should never be out of reach.

We Accept: credit-cards


Diagnostic (Exam and Diagnosis)
Comprehensive Exam, Oral Exam, Consultation, Treatment Planning, Gum Disease Diagnosis, Radiograph Evaluation
Preventive (Oral Disease Prevention)
Fluoride Treatment, Protective Sealants, Prophylaxis (teeth cleaning), Oral Hygiene Maintenance
Cosmetic Dentistry
Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Veneers, Porcelain Laminates, Porcelain Inlay and Onlay, Full Porcelain Crowns
Restorative (Repairing Teeth)
Crowns and Bridges, Tooth Colored Restorations, Implant Restorations, Parital and Full Dentures
Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)
Root Canal Treatment, Trauma of Trauma to Teeth
Periodontic (Gum Disease Therapy)
Advance Gum Treatment, Dental Implant, Deep Cleaning, Gum Laser Surgery, Arestin Therapy
Oral Surgery
TMJ (Jaw Joint Treatment, Bite Trauma due to clenching or grinding)
Night guard, Sport Bite Guard
Nitrous Oxide Gas


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